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Has anyone visited Ravelry lately? I’ve been there a couple of times to update my login and it got a makeover. Although it looked nice, I still had problems finding stuff. While I almost got frustrated,   other users found the new look more troubling. From what I’ve read on Twitter, many suffered headaches and seizures just from a few pages alone. The new Ravelry was dangerous to their health.

Their situation made me think of how I can make this blog more reader friendly. Searching for resources online and finding A11y was great. What’s not so great was all the information it had. I was overwhelmed! Making a site completely accessible takes a lot of first-hand knowledge and pre-planning, which is too much for smaller bloggers like myself.

While I don’t have the means to create an accessible website from scratch, I must do the best with the tools that I already have. Deque has a great advice on how to make WordPress sites (self hosted) more accessible.

I will try my best to make this blog as accessible as possible. If there any issues or tips with the text, please leave a comment!

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